The Canberra Photo Marathon is looking for sponsors for the marathon itself as well as prizes for the winners of the contest. If you or your company are interested in becoming a sponsor, please use the form below to get in touch with us and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

 Event sponsorship

We are looking for sponsors to provide helpful and/or photo related products and services to all participants. At the beginning of the event participant packages are handed out and your sponsored product or service will be placed in this package. We have set the participation cap at 250 people and expect to fill all these spots. Event sponsorships must cover all participants.

Alternatively venues for registration, waypoint or actual photo locations would also greatly be appreciated.

 Prize sponsorship

The 2011 Canberra Photo Marathon consists of the marathon itself, likely taking place late in March 2011 and a showcase featuring all the photos taking place a few weeks later. Prizes will be handed out at the showcase event . We are handing out 3 main prizes the best best potfolios 12 for Best Photos for every theme. We are looking for sponsorships in the form of photography related products or services and/or products or services that are useful for the photographically inclined.

 Financial sponsorship

The 2011 Canberra Photo Marathon are aiming to stay accessible to as many photographers as possible. Accordingly we aim to keep the entrance fees as low as possible. In other words we are running a half-shoestring budget which means we can’t add any bells or whistles to the event itself nor the showcase. Your financial sponsorship means we can put some of our more extravagant ideas into effect and make both the event and the showcase truly spectacular. We want this event to be a showcase of local talent and businesses and encourage the participation of all local business, even if they are not directly photo related.

 What’s in it for you and your company?

In return for your sponsorship we offer the following:

  • Direct marketing to the participants in the form of flyers and/or your product.
  • Advertising space on the official 2012 Canberra – Photo Marathon website.
  • Kudos via Facebook and other social media.
  • A visual presence at the main event and the showcase.

Contact info

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